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We don't know how long the Lord will tarry - but the truth is: Jesus Christ is coming back to take his people out of the world in a sudden dramatic event - THE RAPTURE. IS THIS THE GENERATION OR WILL IT BE THE NEXT? DOES THE RAPTURE TAKE PLACE IMMEDIATELY BEFORE OR IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE TRIBULATION? ONLY OUR FATHER KNOWS.

We hope for a Pre-Tribulation Rapture, but we share the gospel of Jesus as though today is this person's last chance to repent and be saved. Because even though they're here this moment, they may be dead in an hour.

"behold, now is the acceptable time, behold, today is the day of salvation." 1 Cor. 6:2


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IN THE TIME BETWEEN NOW AND THE RAPTURE this art piece is a tool to spark a conversation in which you can share the gospel NOW! It is designed to make unbelievers curious and get them to ask you about the hand written letter under the glass: "What's all this about disappearing?" (Well, since you asked me...)

To help you we've enclosed a Scripture List/Salvation Tract for you to Xerox and hand out to anyone who asks you about the letter in the frame. First, share the Rapture/Tribulation events then ask them the two questions on the scripture sheet and follow the steps for sharing the gospel. Then hand them the Scripture Sheet freely but NEVER GIVE THE LETTER ON THE FRONT TO A CURIOUS UNBELIEVER.

To an unsaved reader before the rapture, the letter telling what happened to all of us might mislead them into thinking they have time to put off their decision: to wait and see what happens. Take care! It would be a spiritual error and a misuse of these pieces if we gave even one person the impression they have time to put off accepting Christ and live as they choose because they might get a second chance after the rapture.

"Behold today is the day of Salvation." 1 Cor. 6:2


If the rapture comes before the Tribulation then this piece will be left behind to speak for you. We hope those left on earth will find or remember your testimony and this treasure on the wall of your home or office and go back to search for the truth hidden inside.

During the Tribulation the enemy will lie to confuse those poor souls who will endure or die in the cataclysmic events that will occur. This piece would shout the truth to anyone who remembered it or came across it for the first time. Let us be prepared to give evidence for the truth of Christ's return and have a way to reach out to those who will say 'mountains fall on us', because of their despair.